The partner you need to successfully set up a satellite office in India

Establishing an office in India can be a rewarding yet daunting undertaking. Our team of experts is ready to help you tackle these challenges and make the process seamless and hassle-free.

Comprehensive, bespoke services to help you succeed

Our white-glove approach goes beyond simply setting up your office in India. We take pride in providing complete end-to-end support, ensuring that you get the desired results from your India team.

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We’re on a mission

We are on a mission to help organizations leverage highly skilled talent in India to address their most pressing challenges. Drawing on our comprehensive understanding of the business environments in America and India, we bridge the gap between the two countries and enable organizations to fully unlock the potential of their India team.

How we’ll set you up for success in India

As your trusted strategic partner to help you establish and maximize the potential of your team in India, we recognize the importance of supporting you at every step to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved. Our proven four-step approach provides the guidance and assistance you need to succeed in India.


Objective Evaluation

We will answer your fundamental questions about India and provide an objective recommendation on whether it is a good fit for your business needs.


Tailored Strategy

Working together with you, we will create a tailored India strategy that addresses your specific concerns, challenges, and goals to ensure success.

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Expert Execution

We will spearhead the execution on all fronts in India, and as experts in the field, adhere to best practices to ensure you have a strong foundation in India.


Ongoing Assistance

We are committed to providing ongoing advice and support to help you maximize the potential of your India office.

A CPA firm's India success story

“As a mid-size CPA firm, we were lost in a sea of unknowns when setting up our office in India. Hiring June15 was a game changer. Their advice was spot on. They helped craft the perfect India game plan, meticulously implemented it, and remained committed until we achieved our envisioned outcomes. Thanks to them, our India office has surpassed all expectations!” – J. Brandon, COO

Talent Abundance

We have gone from grappling with talent scarcity to taking our pick from a rich pool of top-tier talent.

Significant Savings

Every hire in India saves us at least 50% in labor costs, even after accounting for the overheads of running an India office.

Revenue Boost

Our India office has enabled us to offer new services with significant revenue potential, giving us a tremendous competitive edge.

Careers at June15

If you're ready to make a real impact, look no further than June15 Consulting. Through your work, you'll help struggling clients become thriving ones by empowering them to solve their most critical issues and achieve their biggest business goals through their team in India.

Join us and see firsthand how your expertise can make a difference.

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We are ready to help

Have a question about our services? Talk to us today to find out how an India office can help your organization.